We’ve all struggled in front of our closet in the morning, trying to look for appropriate casual clothes for work. We haven’t even had our morning cup of coffee, and we’re trying to decide what to wear to work! Things are more challenging yet, when we have to go somewhere after work, and don’t have time to change. What is casual enough to be comfortable, yet respectable enough for the workplace? What outfit won’t take a half hour to put together?

Women’s Casual Clothes for Work

When you’ve got a meeting at work, or just feel like getting more dressed up, it’s time for a sharp, pulled together look. But don’t sacrifice comfort — or fashion when trying to select casual clothes for work. Pair a ruffle dress shirt with a pencil skirt and comfortable flats. Top it off with a dark blazer or sweater jacket. Depending on your office, you may also fit right in wearing crop pants and heels. Is your office super conservative? Then, you’ll need to keep the fashion fun going with accessories. Choose a single piece, like a purse with a pop of color and some metallic trim, a classy chiffon scarf or a silver statement necklace. The best thing about accessories is you can remove them if you change your mind or want a different look throughout the day. A girl’s just got to be able to change her mind, right?

Men’s Casual Clothes for Work

Men can wear a button up shirt with no tie, and a pair of khakis or jeans. To take casual jeans up a notch, go for a dark indigo wash and a tailored fit. But casual clothes for work include shoes as well, and you need to keep your feet comfortable! Get the look of a dress shoe and the comfort of a tennis shoe in some leather lace up sneakers from Alexander McQueen. Ever tried wearing loafers to work? Feels like a slipper and looks like a million bucks. Steve Madden is known for sharp-looking leather loafers, so pick up a pair in black and don’t forget to regularly polish them to keep them looking good.

What to Wear on Casual Friday

In the dot.com era of the 1990′s Casual Friday starte dto become popular. Casual Friday generally does not mean it’s ok to wear ratty flip-flops, ripped jeans and old rock band tee’s — unless you’re lucky enough to work for one of those high tech startups that encourages it. American Eagle has some fabulous casual button up shirts which have a soft woven cotton feel — a perfect compromise for Casual Friday.

What’s your favorite brand of casual clothes for work?

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