The spring fashions are hitting the shelves and sunnier weather is dominating the weather forecast. For children this means the Easter Bunny will be arriving soon, leaving baskets full of candies! For adults, Easter means friends and family arriving for a traditional brunch or dinner. Have some fun this holiday and fill your basket with the right Easter wine pairings to spice up your feast!

Easter Wine Pairings for Brunch

Fresh, organic produce is ideal for Easter brunch, providing an opportune time to pop open a bottle of a white wine. For fruit plates, consider a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Originally a French wine, today you will find great choices from Chile, New Zealand, and California whose cooler coastal climates are ideal for these grapes. A Californian cousin of the Sauvignon Blanc is the Fum? Blanc, which is generally abundant with melon flavors rather than citrus or tropical flavors more typical of Sauvignon Blanc. Looking for organic Easter wine pairings? New Zealand and California have choices aplenty.

A quiche or casserole featuring ham will be all the rage at your party and mimosas are a highly popular companion drink. However, a refreshing German, French, or Australian Riesling will add just the right amount of chic to your setting not to mention a perfect flavor to complement your quiche. Being the wine connoisseur that you are, you?ll naturally make note of how the wine blends perfectly with this dish, picking up the natural sweetness of the ham.

Easter Wine Pairings for Dinner

Easter dinner generally means one of two things ? a glazed ham or roasted lamb (or maybe both). Generally baked with a glaze on top, ham goes extremely well with Rieslings. What is also great about serving a Riesling is that it pairs well with some appetizers (i.e. fruit or mixed greens), meaning you can keep the same wine going from starters to main course. This is especially helpful advice for Easter wine pairings if you have guests who do not prefer bolder reds.

Lamb is a much gamier meat and thus requires a wine pairing that can handle the wild, robust flavors. An excellent choice to serve with lamb is Pinot Noir. A native of France?s Burgundy region, here you?ll find some of the best Pinot Noir?s available along with those from Oregon?s Willamette Valley. If you are serving your lamb a little more gamey, lean instead towards a Rhone appellation Syrah.

Easter is definitely a holiday where a variety of wines will work depending on what is on the menu. Want a different twist to your Easter meal? Host an Easter inspired food and wine pairing potluck and invite guests to bring a variety of food and wines, or focus on one type and explore the regional differences. Who knows, maybe you?ll find an ?Easter Egg? wine that becomes a favorite. Sauvignon Blanc vs. Fum? Blanc? French Pinot vs. Oregonian? Or Russian River? What Easter wine pairings will you explore?

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