There’s a new eco-restaurant trend emerging all over the world. In some places, these environmentally-friendly businesses have been growing over the last few years. Not only is the food sustainable, but eco-restaurants are looking at all aspects of their operations to go green.

Eco-Restaurant Trend: Locally Grown Produce

Whether in the middle of rural America or in the biggest European metropolitan area, fresh, sustainable restaurants are popping up everywhere. Farm-to-table meats, dairy and organic produce provide a unique offering of menu items. Some eco-friendly restaurants do not offer traditional menus because the fare changes so often, and opt for chalkboards listing specials of the day. Some restaurants have green, living walls, which grow the herbs and spices chefs use to cook dishes.

farmers market

Eco-Restaurant Trend: Sustainable Building

Many eco-restaurants have gone green with their entire establishment from floor to ceiling. From solar panels to green roofs and sustainable building materials like bamboo, many eco-restaurants have earned green certifications. Others have earned recognition from their energy efficient appliances and lighting. Besides being good for the environment, these restaurants have it right. They are able to control the rising costs to operate and maintaining buildings, these eco-restaurants have it right!

Eco restaurant solar

Eco-Restaurant Trend: Healthy Mobile Food Trucks

Think that the only way to get vegeterian, vegan or organic food is to dine in a trendy cafe? Soon, you won’t have to look any farther than the mobile food truck outside your building or on the street corner downtown. Yesterday’s Roach Coach is being replaced with organically grown, locally sourced foods for increasingly health-conscious consumers. Look for the trend to sweep the vending machine industry as well!

farm to street food truck

Are you excited about the sustainable, green eco-restaurant trend?

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