To get ready for Miami Beach fashion week, we’re going to explore what Cuban food is all about and where you can find tasty Cuban Cuisine!

Cuban Cuisine Basics

Can’t decide what to eat? Cuban Cuisine might have just what you’ve been looking for. A fusion of cultures, Cuban food combines the best of Caribbean, African and Spanish cuisine. What is distinctive about this style of food is the contrast of the salty and sweet flavors. Dishes are spiced up with garlic, peppers, vinegar, tomato, citrus and capers.

Cuban Cuisine in Miami

Sazon Cuban Cuisine has been called the best Cuban food on Miami Beach. Inside the menu, you’ll find old Cuban photographs and historical notes. Do you like traditional dishes like Ceviche and Ropa Veija or more modern Cuban fusion dishes. Well, you’ll be equally pleased with the menu at Sazon. And come ready to stay up late, because you’ll be enjoying some drinks and live entertainment on the patio long after dinner is over.


Cuban Cuisine in New York

Brooklyn, New York is many miles from Cuba, but has some excellent Cuban Cuisine for your enjoyment. Mojito Cuban Cuisine is where the locals go for traditional Cuban food. And while we may think of “Mojito” as a drink, it actually refers to the most popular sauce that accompanies roasted pork or beef.


Enjoy exploring cuban cuisine in your area, while traveling or even through the amazing cook books available.



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