Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen pushes the boundaries of fashion with her futuristic design concepts. Her dresses are literally stand-alone sculptures of art — 3-dimensional printed garments that use digital technology in a whole new way. Her collaboration with scientists and architects is unprecedented in the fashion world. Come along on the journey as we explore some of Iris van Herpen’s work in the last several years.

Iris van Herpen’s Crystallization collection

Her Crystallization collection, launched in 2010, is characterized by very stiff, acrylic plexiglass-like material, which is digitally printed to look like midnight blue and black water. The lines are dramatic and defined, and the look is edgy and futuristic.

Iris van Herpen’s Voltage collection

This year marked Iris van Herpen’s fourth collection in Paris — and with it, we saw a slightly softer side. While her new Voltage collection still has the architectural flair and definition you’d expect, the clothes are more pliable and wearable than previous collections.

A Futuristic Vision

Iris van Herpen envisions a future in which consumers order custom clothing by making 3-dimensional scans of their bodies. The big question is, will the fashion industry go mainstream with some of her revolutionary ideas? Not quite yet, she thinks. During a recent interview, she said, “I can imagine the technology is there, but the industry is not ready for it, or the change is too big.” One thing’s for sure — Iris van Herpen is a true visionary. Not sure if you’re ready to wear her dresses? That’s ok. Warm up to the concept of intimidation by trying a pair of her “Fang” shoes, in collaboration with United Nude.

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