Modera has some ideas about how you can achieve glamorous fashion on a budget. Get the look of sophistication and a luxurious lifestyle without the huge price tag!

Glamorous Fashion at?Goodwill

Mackelmore was right about popping tags at the thrift store! Accessories can make or break an outfit – and your local thrift store is just the place to pick up a glam vintage fashion accessory for next to nothing.??It’s also green. You recycle your bottles and cans, so it’s time to upcycle your clothes too!

  • Scarves – sheer and silk materials make for a sophisticated and sexy scarf.? To get a glam look,?go beyond wearing the scarf around your neck and wrap it around your waist as?a belt.
  • Jewelry – Vintage jewelry can be so glamorous.? Look for rhinestones grouped in hairclips, bracelets and rings.? Go boho with?a beaded headband!
  • Dresses – Go for lace, velvet and gathered dresses in solid colors, or more form fitting dresses in metallic colors if you can pull off the look.
  • Jackets – Find a velvet, brocade or faux fur jacket or vest to pair with jeans and heels for a glamorous look.
  • Clutches – Leave your large handbag at home.? Go sophisticated with a beaded, sequined or satin clutch from a thrift shop to amp up the glam factor.

Glamorous fashion for you at a thrift store also means a helping hand for someone in need. Thrift shops help victims of domestic violence, provide jobs for disabled people and those returning to the work force, help provide research funds for serious diseases, and more.

New to You Glamorous Fashion – Clothes Swapping

Not everyone gets excited about thrift store shopping, but you can also save money by swapping clothes. It can be an informal thing between friends, or a more organized movement. In New York, many shops and individuals are hosting clothes swaps as special events to raise awareness for organizations with a cause. eBay move over — some of these clothes swapping companies are showing big-time growth! And clothes swapping doesn’t mean ratty hand me downs either — companies are focusing on high quality, designer labels.

Glamorous Hair on a Budget

Has anyone been to the salon for a basic cut and blow dry lately? Cha-ching! Well, it’s ok to indulge in that just left the salon look when you can save some serious money. Learn how to style your hair at home with some fantastic and free tutorials on YouTube.? Check out this Salon Blow Dry?at Home??and?watch as the stylist hands over the brush and blow dryer and begins instructing the client!? Add a boost to your finished hairstyle with an affordable shine spray like Pantene Pro-V.?? The added shine is super glam and simple, and will dress up any outfit.

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