Professional glamour photography can be quite expensive. Whether you’re trying to get a portfolio together for modeling, or just taking glamour shots to post on, glamour photography does not have to be expensive. With some tips and tricks, you can be on your way to affordable glamour photography at home.

Lighting Techniques for Glamour Photography

The two most important things when attempting glamour photography are a quality camera and proper lighting. To achieve proper lighting, you’ll need four distinctive elements, each with a different purpose.

  1. Soft Key Light?-?As the name implies, key light is the primary source of light for the glamour photo shot. ?It’s the most direct light that will shine on the model, and should be placed in the six o’clock position. ?To get the softening effect required by a glamour shot, give the light a diffused effect by using a larger light (such as an umbrella light) or place it closer to the face.
  2. Background Light – Focus one light directly on the back wall behind your model. Cover the lens with a color filter, such as pink or violet. ?You can make your own color filter using transparent colored film and cardboard from a craft store.
  3. Fill Light – The role of the fill light is to fill in the shadows created by the key light. ?Make sure the fill light does not create secondary shadows on the model’s face by placing the fill light closer to the camera lens than the key light.
  4. Reflector – you can make your own reflector using tinfoil and cardboard. Cut a round shaped cardboard shape out of a large box and cover it with tinfoil that has been crumpled and then spread back out.


Posing Tips for Glamour Photography

Glamour photography works best when the model is comfortable and shows off their best features. Set something up for the model to sit on or lean against, such as a box or stack of cubes. Don’t square your model’s face to the camera. Have the model turn their head slightly to the side to achieve an effect of lengthening and adding depth. Try tricks the professionals use, such as a fan to add subtle flow to a model’s hair or have the model turn around quickly and then snap a shot. Remember — glamour portraits do not have to be still shots.

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