Every year, there seems to emerge a dance craze that takes the world (and the internet) by storm! Some of us haven’t quite gotten over the Dougie from 2012 or the Gagnam style from a few months ago. So, if you’re ready to get hip and do the Harlem Shake, we’ve got what you need to learn the latest craze.

Harlem Shake at Birmingham Fashion Week!

In case you’re wondering what the Harlem Shake has to do with fashion, look no farther than the Fashion Weeks around the world! Models need to let loose on the runway once in a while, right? What about those fashion reporters and fashion critics that line the catwalk, all serious with their press passes around their neck, and pens and paper clutched tightly in hand? Here’s what really went down at Birmingham’s Fashion Week last month!

How to do the Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is based on a dance from the 80′s, which involves isolating the upper body in a series of shoulder moves. The newer version of it is a really unstructured, more wild version of the dance, that usually starts out with one person wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Harlem Shake is Popping Up Everywhere

At work, at home, or out in public, the Harlem Shake is popping up everywhere. Take a look at a compilation of some of the best styles out there!? One thing is for sure, this is one dance everyone can do.? It’s free form, there are no rules, and it’s designed for fun!

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