Hipster style and culture has certainly evolved over the years.??The hipster movement?began in the 1940′s and 1950′s, with hot jazz music, jive talk?and?Jack Kerouac’s?Beat Generation.? The early hipsters roamed around America, bumming rides, food and shelter along the way.


Fast forward to the early 1990′s, and hipster meant a different thing.? Young people flocked to the lifestyle for the alternative culture, including independent films, alternative music, organic food and thrift store shopping.??Hipsters have earned?some?reputations over the years, and you may have seen or heard?general characterizations made?about the hipster lifestyle.? Take the many lists and quizzes all over the internet and you’ll see how hipster style has been stereotyped.

hipster then

How to Know if You Are a Hipster

  1. Your idea of a good weekend is taking your fixed-gear bike to hang out at a farmer’s market and art gallery downtown.
  2. You have the latest tech gadgets, but your taste in music consists of bands nobody has heard of.
  3. The weather is getting hot and your friend has a pool, so you cut off some skinny jeans and jump in, hipster style.
  4. Everyone is drinking microbrews and mojitos, so you opt for black coffee and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Hipster Style of Today

But in all reality, today’s hipster lifestyle expresses itself in many different ways.? Hipster style can have an urban twist — if you want to see how to incorporate just a touch of hip into your urban outfit, check out a previous blog post on Hipster Accessories With an Urban Twist.? Guys — mix it up with hipster rap and trade in your baggy boxer revealing trousers for some skinnier (but still plenty long) jeans. Gals — go hipster-boho with some lace up boots and a long skirt. Get creative with your hipster style!

hipster now

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