Modera is getting very popular internationally, and seems like everyone wants to get in on the fashion and lifestyle fun! It doesn’t matter what country and city you call home, find a creative way to incorporate into your next party.?

Host a Modera party and hold a sign that says “ International” or “Fashion Rocks at”, or make up your own slogan. ? Let’s see your fashion sense and your lifestyle in a group party photo!? Does your group of friends have what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Identify your Modera party photo with the hashtag #ModeraContest and email your photo to and we will send a prize for the best party photo!? Be sure to tell us where you’re from so we can see where our most loyal fans live across the world!

The Czech Republic, featured in the post for this blog has started the competition rolling with their awesome party photo!? Does your group have what it takes to win the Modera party photo contest?

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