Online indie apparel company ModCloth has long been an e-commerce pioneer.  Since its 2006 inception, the vintage-inspired retailer has continually evolved, now boasting unique amenities that allow its customer base to connect with the company and with each other.

modcloth be the buyer

“Be the Buyer” is a unique program that allows fervent ModCloth fans to vote new and potential products to the site.  In addition, aspiring designers can submit their creations in the hopes of a user-generated movement into production.   ModStylists are also available to consult would-be fashionitas with advice, tips and tricks.

modcloth 1

Most recently, and as a result of customer feedback, ModCloth made a public commitment to expanding their selection of plus size apparel.   Though it seems a no-brainer to address this key demographic, it’s a revolutionary step for an established company to offer such a vast selection of fashionable, affordable pieces.

modcloth elegance for all

ModCloth kicked off its “Elegance for All” campaign with a New York pop-up shop in mid-June.  Customers were invited to snack on cupcakes and champagne, complete DIY projects and shop the new plus size range, up to 4x.  A step in the right direction towards fashion-equality, other retailers are sure to closely follow ModCloth’s lead.

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