If there’s one thing about clothes and shopping, it’s that there’s never enough space to fit all the stuff in the closet! ?Let Modera help you with some ideas for organizing your closet, so you can actually see all those great tops, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes and hats.

Why Baskets for Organizing Your Closet?

So here’ the low-down on why baskets should be your next BFF. ?So many of the things we love to stash in our closet are odd shaped, bulky or so small they might get misplaced or hidden away. ?Just think about all the elements of a perfect outfit — silky scarves, oversize boho bags, skinny belts, bangles, necklaces, sunglasses and shoes. ?And having all of these things corraled in one spot will save you some serious time in the morning. ?Who doesn’t need some extra shut eye? Plus, those built in closet organizers with shelves are great, but even then things get shoved in the back. Let’s go on a mission to find your stuff again!

organizing baskets in closet

Organizing Your Closet With Shallow Baskets

Baskets can work great on shelves, but make sure to go low-profile with shallow baskets if you’re storing smaller items like jewelry, or if you need to be able to see what’s there without pulling out the entire basket. Try some of these ideas when you’re organizing your closet with shallow baskets:

  • Roll belts up and nest them side-by-side
  • Group jewelry, scarves and small clutches of the same color in each basket
  • Put the tallest items in the back of the shallow basket for better visibility
  • Put a shallow grid divider (usually used for lingerie) in a shallow basket to organize small rings and other jewelry.

labeled basket

Clear Baskets for Organizing Your Closet

Wicker move over — clear baskets are great for storing shoes, out of season clothing and just about anything you want to remain tidy, but in full sight. Do you play sports or other recreational activities on a regular basis? Save some time by using one clear basket for the clothing and equipment you need for each activity. If you’re really serious about organizing your closet and keeping it clean, reserve one clear basket in your closet for items that you want to donate to charity and empty it every 3-6 months.

clear container

Stackable Baskets

Stores like Stacks and Stacks have a variety of baskets that nest and stack, for maximizing limited closet space. Also consider stackable baskets as a great option if you don’t have a fancy closet organizer with built-in shelving, or want to maximize space on high shelves.

Beyond Baskets

Sometimes you’ve got extra items that just don’t fit into baskets or should be even more accessible on a daily basis. Install hooks on the undersides of closet organizer shelves to hang your larger bags and scarves.

What’s your favorite way to use baskets for organizing your closet space?

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