Many of us at Modera are coffee lovers, but it’s time to move on from the best coffee roasting houses and get ready for tea time! ?Let’s explore some Tea 101 and the hottest tea trends you should be sipping on in 2013.

Test Your Knowledge on Tea Trends

You want to look smart among your tea loving friends or tea connoiseurs, so here’s a quick guide to Tea 101:

  • Steeping Time Matters – each type of tea has a specific brewing time. ?For example, Black Tea and Oolong tea run around 3 minutes. ?Herbal teas and Yoga tea can require up to 8 minutes of steeping.
  • Steeping Temperature – the right temperature makes a big difference. ?One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is boiling the water. ?Tea needs as much oxygen in the water as possible to bring out the flavor, and boiling reduces the oxygen level dramatically.
  • Not All Teas are Created Equal – different types of tea have been processed with different levels of oxidation, and so each has a unique flavor, just as coffees have unique roasting processes. ?Don’t assume because you’ve tried tea once and didn’t like it, they’re all the same. ?There’s probably the right tea out there for you!
  • 85% of tea consumed in U.S. is iced – not only do we love our iced tea in the U.S., we don’t wait for the afternoon to enjoy it. ?It’s one of the tea trends that’s becoming a popular mid-morning drink!

brewing steeping tea

Tea Trends: Cooking With Tea Leaves

A hot new foodie trend is using tea leaves to inspire a wide range of culinary delights. ?Restaurants are showcasing recipes for baked goods like cupcakes, muffins and cookies — and Earl Grey tea seems to be the tea of choice. Tea leaves can be ground into small pieces and added to mixtures, or can be more finely ground, depending on the desired effect.

But tea leaves are not just for making sweet treats for breakfast and dessert. Tea can also be used like a spice, to mix up savory rubs for grilling, roasting and braising meats! Given the health benefits of tea, it’s an idea worth trying in the kitchen!

tea steak

What do you think — does it sound like your cup of tea?

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